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Introducing Techy
Tharok bent low round the side of the engine, a hand gripping the safety rail attached to the walls of the room.  He leaned over the hole in the plated floor, from which he could see a thin beam of light shining passively down onto a pair of feet.
“Techy?” he asked, his voice echoing around the room.  The beam of light shifted, and a head emerged from the hole.  Seconds later, a pair of shoulders emerged, and the harsh features of the youth appeared from beneath the engines complex coil of wire and parts.  His face was thin and long, like a horse’s muzzle, his complexion flushed with sweat.  His dark hair was brutally short, sticking out of his head like clawed spikes, and his left eye was dark.  The other was gone, replaced by a constantly rotating, mechanical, green orb attached to his head by a complex set of components, some of which protruded from out of the scarred skin of his face, reminiscent of burns.
“What’s up, Thar
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The Silverlark
“Just more bloody sand.”
Tharok raised the macro-binoculars to his eyes, revolving on the spot, scanning the horizon.  There was nothing in sight no matter where he turned, the rising and falling sand dunes continuing on into the distance, until they came to the sky, the cloudless blue streaked with purple.  “How’s the team, Sati?”
His companion, silhouetted against the lowering sun, looked down from the crest of the dune to where four Rovers were parked, encircled by dark treads on the sand.  Around them, hiding in the shelter of the cool shade, their team were resting, checking over their weapons and stores.
“Still there.”
He snorted, placing the macro-binoculars in a pouch hanging from his neck.  With a final glance at the darkening horizon, they returned to the vehicles.  The crew rose to their feet on their arrival, waiting expectantly as the pair of them trudged across the churned sand, the drab greys and browns o
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The Truth About Hufflepuffs
Hufflepuff: The Nearly-Forgotten House of Hogwarts</i>
    In the Harry Potter series, there are four separate houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, the house representing courage and justice. Ravenclaw, representing intelligence and wisdom. Slytherin, representing ambition and resourcefulness. Hufflepuff, representing loyalty and tolerance. Each of these houses embody important virtues. So why do many people assume that Hufflepuffs are useless?
    I recall the Sorting Hat song which mentions Helga Hufflepuff's statement "I'll take the lot" when the other founders revealed what virtues they would value in their students. I feel that this statement by Hufflepuff has been vastly misinterpreted by many fans of the series. As the importance of blood status has always been a major issue in the Wizarding World, to the point that that Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin (who were great friends before founding Hogwarts) came to resent each other
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